Wholesaler Of Many Brands Of Lubricants

For 20+ Years

Multiplay Wholesale is family owned business established in 1999.

Our niche is providing our clients with automotive lubricants and fluids while carrying all the major brands

(Castrol, Shell, Castrol, Petro Canada, Imperial Oil, STP, Armorall, Lucas and many more).

About us

Our product line includes, motor oils, gear oils, synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, radiator coolants, windshield washer fluids, oil, fuel and diesel additives, brake and power steering fluids, transmission fluids etc. We also carry automotive care products including car freshners, sylvania light bulbs, wiper blades and Armorall products. Products can be purchased in various sizes from liter bottles to 208 L Drums, we even provide bulk.

Today Multiplay Wholesale is serving clients including Car and Truck Dealers, Transport Companies, Service Stations, Truck Stops, Auto and Truck Repair Shops, Wagon Jobbers with all their lubricants and fluid needs.